The world's #1 music synchronization solution.

A new solution for video makers!

Synchronizing music in videos becomes quick and easy. 
SQUYNC is the new solution for video makers that want to exercise more control over the music itself.



Search and stream from our brand new catalogue of unreleased music.



Try the music directly on your movie and customize it according to your preference.



All music is cleared for the world. Never to worry about royalties and use the music forever and everywhere you like!



Export your project on all major video streaming platforms, share with friends and co-workers, publish on websites or download as a standalone file. 

Introducing new features

SQUYNC  brings a new dimension for the synchronization of music in audiovisual production.


SQUYNC  products



An innovative music synchronization tool that runs as a web page and allows to reduce the steps needed for the selection-proof-production process in the synchronization of audio tracks to an audiovisual project. Music can be streamed, syncronized to video, licensed and exported online without the need of interchanging systems. 


A State of the Art system that allows to easily store Music and optimize operation and cost efficiency. The music library runs as an ecommerce platform and is accessible through a management system for both talent and client network.



A web page where talents can upload their music and exercise a direct control over the distribution and commercialization of their tracks. The site also allows to review statistics and collect payments through a secure account that runs on blockchain.



For the first time in the history of music, authors and publishers have the possibility to exercise a direct control over their rights and monetize them in real time! Blockchain allows to certify the right ownership and consumption of music, making it easy for social media platforms to recognize the legitimacy of files-sharing, to detect whether files are unlawfully copied or not and most importantly to know if authors and publishers have agreed to a specific use and distribution of their music. With Squync we bring the author and the publisher back in the spotlight, offering a system of full transparency, which embraces a revolution that this industry has being longing for years.

Music and the future of the industry

By 2021 there will be over 1.5 billion smartphone users with an active social media account.

3.3 billion people already consume video on a daily basis. Music is an essential support for most of the videos in circulation.

The growth potential of the Music Sync Market is enormous and we are introducing a system that allows everybody to synchronize music for free.

Our awesome team

At the heart of every idea is a group of people that share a unique vision and build upon it.

"For many years I have helped creatives, producers and advertising agencies from all over the world, defining their strategy and requirement for music in their projects. Knowing what music to search, finding, adapting, producing, licensing and distributing it, are processes that today can be made easy and accessible to almost everyone. This is why we have created this beautiful solution."

Matteo Taheri 

Chief Executive Officer

"In the Era of Digitalization I love offering my legal expertise to help the audio-visual business thrive. At the same time, as a music author I think it's highly rewarding to know that I can excercize a control over the distirbution and monetization of my art"

Sebastiano Paù-Lessi (Sebalter)

Chief Legal Officer

"I have experienced and delivered my technical knowledge in many different industries but never before I have seen such a strong opportunity as in the music and media segment. What we are building here is truly a change of paradigme."

Fabio Prada

Chief Technology Officer

"It is my mission to scout and detect the next generation of music talents and to see them recognized for their outstanding work and quality. When I look at the world of authors and publishers, we finally introduce a system that rewards them for the hard commitment they put in their art."

Isabella Vesco

Head of Talents

“I can’t continue to be surprised of how many good and original music tracks I come across and have the pleasure to review for Squync. I truly believe that this solution will help many video creators to find the right music for their projects.”

Christine A. Pappa

Head of Repertoire



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